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Dialogues économiques is a digital media popularising economics, edited by Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMU, CNRS, EHESS, Centrale Marseille).

From research papers published in international academic journals, Dialogues économiques provides insights into societal issues through articles co-written by journalists and researchers.

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“Dear readers,

Dialogues économiques is a journal with a simple objective: it strives to create a bridge between academic knowledge and the general public. Its approach, which seeks to communicate the results of economic research through non-academic language, is what makes this publication so unique.

This interface between science and society is presented with many challenges. There is, of course, the challenge of communication between two worlds that do not necessarily speak the same language, which therefore requires the content to be rewritten.

However, the language is not the only problem. Must this interface also be defined as an appeal to academics by a public wishing to understand the current problems of our day? Or perhaps it is a tool used by researchers to share news about academic research with the public?

The former matter is extremely important, though there does exist a plethora of media focused on this task. The latter remains to be developed. Dialogues économiques has therefore chosen to entrust researchers with this initiative.

The goal of Dialogues économiques is to provide direct access to academic knowledge with no filter other than those who foster the science itself. The articles in Dialogues économiques are based on work approved by scientific peers.

We do not publish expert opinions or extracts of reports uncritical of rigor and reliability. Our articles exclusively encompass work that has been vetted and published in international scientific journals.

This content is reformulated and revised with great care so it can be accessible to the general public. It offers an overview of economic research and reveals the variety of subjects examined within economic sciences.

May you benefit from this unfiltered content to the extent you deem necessary.”

Charles Figuières, Editorial Director


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