About us


Dialogues économiques is an online journal with a simple ambition: to build a bridge between academic knowledge and the citizen. Its originality lies in the strategy followed to achieve it: communicating economic research  in a non-academic language. 

The content of an article in Dialogues économiques has been peer reviewed, as required by scientific ethics. We do not publish free expert opinions or extracts from reports. We only publish works that have passed the test of publication in scholarly journals.

Why do this? The society / science interface faces many challenges. Of course, there is that of communication between two worlds that do not speak quite the same language, hence the need for some rewriting. But language is not the only problem. Should the interface be conceived as a questioning of academics by citizens on current issues? Or, on the contrary, does it rely on researchers who bring academic news to the attention of citizens? The first path is very important, but there is no shortage of media to follow it. It remains to give life to the second. This is our choice at Dialogues économiques.

These articles are published every two weeks, in French and in English. They are listed on the CNRS website and, for a large number, in The Conversation.fr

Editorial board

Publication director: 
Alain Venditti (CNRS, AMSE)

Chief editor:
Charles Figuières (AMU, AMSE)

Associate editor:
Léa Dispa (AMU, AMSE)

Yves Doazan (CNRS)

Editorial board:
Aurore Basiuk
Paul Belleflamme
Yann Bramoullé
Gilles Dufrénot
Claire Lapique
Marc Sangnier
Thomas Seegmuller
Roberta Ziparo