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For both insurance and divine protection, giving to the church can pay off. This is what economists Emmanuelle Auriol, Julie Lassébie, Amma Panin, Eva Raiber, and Paul Seabright demonstrate after studying the reasons why Ghanaian parishioners often give such large donations (sometimes over 10% of their income!) to their churches.  

By Eva Raiber

Eva Raiber

Auteur scientifique, Aix-Marseille Université, Faculté d'économie et de gestion, AMSE

Aurore Basiuk

Aurore Basiuk

Journaliste scientifique


Auriol E., Lassébie J., Panin A., Raiber E., Seabright P., 2020, “God Insures Those Who Pay? Formal Insurance and Religious Offerings in Ghana”, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 135 (4), 1799–1848.